Yecsi and Yeri
Yecsi and Yeri

Yecsi is 17 years old mother of Yeri (20 months old.) They live in Danlí, Honduras, in a small room (9×9 sq.ft.) with her actual husband, mother, stepfather, as well as two of her brothers.


They all used to sleep on the dirt floor, until one day they received a bed donated by the GCLA foundation, she still remembers the faces of the people that came to give them the bed and is very grateful for it.

Since they don’t have enough space they need to put away the bed during the day and pull it down at night. Her stepfather is an alcoholic and mistreats Yecsi’s mother.

Yecsi & Yeri

Yecsi didn’t finish her elementary education and can only get a job by cleaning houses; her dream is to be able to help her mother get a decent home for their family in the future.

With your help we can keep changing their lives.

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