The Twins’ Story
The Twins’ Story

Eli and Elias are twins, which are part of a family with 4 brothers along with Jorge and Brian.

They were born to a very poor home with a lot of difficulties. Their parents were HIV positive, the mother had a messed up life among gangs and drugs, and all her kids had different fathers.

The children lacked the care from anyone; their mother was barely at home and usually they would be under the care of the grandmother that was of advanced age.

When the GCLA church of Choluteca found this family they were in their lowest point of need, the church started to help.

Since the mother saw that she wasn’t able to take care of her own children she let the church help her through the project CASA HOGAR VIDA.

The kids moved to a home where they are being taken care off full time. Their mother visited them continually and the church helped her with her emotional and spiritual needs, until 2 years ago when she passed away.

Eli and Elias came to the CASA HOGAR VIDA when they were only a couple of months old, today they are 4 years old and have grown up to be healthy, smart, happy children.

They attend the church’s bilingual school, and have the opportunity to have quality education. Among the things they like to do is playing soccer, playing with their brothers and coloring.


They have been blessed by being raised in a Christian environment with principles and especially with the love of God. This will give them a promising future of prosperity and they will make an impact in other people’s lives as well.


Let’s continue to make a difference in their lives!!

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