Axel Took The Step Of Obedience
Axel Took The Step Of Obedience

Axel Adolfo Martinez Chavez is a 13-year-old boy from La Ceiba, Honduras.

He started attending CDI when the program started in 2008. Axel is a very smart kid. His favorite color is blue. He likes to eat rice with chicken, which is a traditional meal in Honduras. His favorite fruit are apples. Axel has a lot of hobbies but the one he likes most is play soccer. In school, his favorite class is math. Axel dream is to be able to finish his college.

Axel is the oldest. He has one brother (Jorge) and one sister (Danersy) and all of them are part of CDI. They all live with their dad, Jorge Mejia. Jorge is a guard in Great Commission Church La Ceiba. Axel’s mom left to go live in Spain with her sister in the beginning of 2013. Her decision to leave all her family and kids behind has been one of the hardest moments in Axel’s life. Their family was blessed to receive house through the ministry Total Home a couple years ago. He is involved in youth small groups.  He decided to get baptized because it is a step of obedience.


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