Marcia’s Story
Marcia’s Story

Marcia Galeano is a 28 year old lady from Managua, Nicaragua. She came to the “Total Health” clinic because she felt abdominal pain which had lasted for 3 days, it was located on the lower right side of the abdomen, very intense, so much that she was unable to continue with her usual chores at home. She mentioned that two days before she came to the clinic she had felt like something “exploded” when she bent to pick up something, after that she decided to lay down and take some pain relievers. And that was how she had spent the last two days.

When she came to the clinic she had different symptoms such as fever, vomiting, she was pale, and the abdominal pain was unbearable. After examining her the closest conclusion was that she had an acute appendicitis, immediately she was referred to the ER, where after different blood tests and an ultrasound they discovered that she did not only have appendicitis but also and ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside of the uterus). She had an immediate surgery and a week later she left the hospital in stable conditions.

Marcia returned to the “Total Health” clinic thanking God for saving her life, there a lady from the Great Commission Church in Managua had the opportunity to share the gospel with her, and Marcia accepted Christ as her personal savior.

She found not only physical health but also spiritual health, we have the blessing of being able to serve with a purpose to expand the Kingdom of heaven, and giving that beacon of hope to those who need it most.


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