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More than just a community


IDS is a virus that doesn’t recognize any limitations, age, gender, religion, geographical borders, poor or rich. Honduras reports one of the highest percentage of infected, as of 2011 UNAIDS (United Nations AIDS) estimates there are 33,000 living with HIV and 43,000 orphans between the ages of 0 and 17 due to AIDS.

Our dear Choluteca Pastor, Geovanny, is a physician who treats and follows-up with people who recently became aware of their condition. This has opened doors to the church in Choluteca to start a project to help entire families who are afflicted by the virus. The project is called Casa Hogar Vida which translates to ‘House-Home-Life’.

Casa Hogar Vida serves parents and children who are infected. Also it teaches the community to create awareness of how to avoid getting infected, rid of the stigma and discrimination against those who are contaminated. Our vision is to continue supporting the community and giving them the right tools to understand the coming steps in their lives. Not only helping them with housing and education but also filling the spiritual needs.

Components of our program:
• Orphanage (8 orphans)
• Housing (39 built)
• Self Support Groups (more than 250 people)
• Education (3,000 students trained a year)
• Sports and Recreation Facilities