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Care for those who have never had it


ealth Care is either a luxury or just unavailable in some areas of Latin America. If a doctor is available, medications are completely out of reach, especially when some pills are worth more than a weeks salary for some people ($10). Our programs include the personal care and attention to patients, medical exams if required, medications, follow up, and proper filing of paperwork for future treatments. In some cases we treat permanent illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and in severe cases we do surgery in proper rented facilities.

• Total Health – La Ceiba
• Mission Trip Mobile Clinics
• Total Health – Managua

Total Health is a U.S.based organization that is committed to providing high quality,consistent and reliable medical care in Central America. Through disease prevention and early treatment we can dramatically change the health of the people we serve. This is being done by funding the salaries of key positions, supplying medications on a consistent basis, expanding diagnostic capabilities like x-ray and laboratory equipment, and sending medical teams from the US to help provide care.

Currently, Total Health is active in La Ceiba and Managua. But there are other partnerships that Total Health hopes to establish in the near future.